"My time belongs to me" 
3-Channel Video, 5:43
An exploration of how my grandmother reclaims her time at home partaking in daily activities she enjoys. 
Selected images from a series of 21 photographs featuring the houses and neighbours on the street of my childhood home. 
A series of collages made with images taken over a span of 10 years from my family's photo archive.
I explore the relationship between time, space and memories through my family house.
"D I V | D E D"

One of the choices I made as an undergraduate student was to stay in one of the 24 Halls of Residence here in Nanyang Technological University.
Every double-occupant room is fundamentally identical, especially in terms of architecture. However, the personal belongings placed in these spaces can differ vastly – even if they may serve the same purpose. These objects can reveal much about its owner's personality, habits and other lifestyle choices simply by how they are arranged or just its mere existence.

Made while preparing for my A-Level examinations, this series expresses my frustrations about studying and questions how much of it is actually applicable in a real-life context.