Handmade papier-mâché piñatas (contains mixed material)
14 unique pieces | Varied dimensions
Wooden dowels wrapped in crepe paper
14 unique pieces | 1.5" × 18"
After 14 long years from the first attempt to en-bloc, Peace Centre/ Mansion was finally sold in 2021 for $650 million. This calls for a celebration!

Piñatas are a celebratory item commonly used during birthday parties or other joyous occasions. They often contain candy or other prizes and must be struck and broken with a stick to release their contents. Piñatas were a part of the artist's childhood, present during birthday celebrations. It was a tradition passed down from her mother’s family. 

Doves are a universal symbol of peace, hope and renewal. While there are over 10 different species of doves found in Singapore, it could be said that the most recognisable species is the rock dove, also known as the pigeon. 

Pigeon Piñata Party consists of 14 unique handcrafted pigeon piñatas. Traditional piñata elements, such as the papier-mâché technique and the crepe paper material, were incorporated into the production of this project—a collaboration between the artist and her mother. Each pigeon features an image taken of Peace Centre/ Mansion’s structure. Much like a piñata, buildings in Singapore are never truly permanent. They are vessels that take a long time to take shape and be built, being admired and utilised until it is time to be demolished and discarded quickly.
Undescribed #08, DECK, Peace Centre, Singapore 2023