According to the National Environment Agency, 7.23 million tonnes of solid waste was generated in Singapore in 2019. To prolong the lifespan of our only landfill in Pulau Semakau beyond the year 2035, the government introduced the Zero Waste Masterplan to map out key strategies to ensure our nation's waste management sustainability.
“Trash Jars” is a series of photographs that illustrates Singapore's waste statistics and recycling rates in 2019. The series was inspired by individuals who live a zero-waste lifestyle and generate only a jar worth of trash in a year. It features five different waste types generated by domestic households: Paper, Plastics, Food, Textile and Glass. The volume of trash in the jars visually represent the recycling rate of the respective waste types.
4% Recycling Rate
18% Recycling Rate
44% Recycling Rate
14% Recycling Rate
4% Recycling Rate